Oscar Buzz – The App

If I had the opportunity to create an app, I would name it “Oscar Buzz”, related to the title of this blog. My app would be for movie lovers who want to keep track of the year’s most recognized films. Every big film of the year will be present along with information on the film, cast and creators. Users will also be able to look at lists of past years big films and the awards they were nominated and/or won for. After scrolling through endless movies, users can save those they’re most interested in to the “My List” tab. As someone who has had a constantly updated “movie bucket list” in their notes app for years, this app sounds like a much more organized system. 

The first of five tabs is the “Home” page. The main page will be introducing the purpose of the app and describing each of the different tabs –  “News”, “Oscar Buzz”, “More Movie” and “My List”.

Home page of the “Oscar Buzz” app

The “News” tab is where users can find all of Hollywood’s latest movie updates. Users can find information on new casting, what films are in production, what directors are connected to what films, award nominations lists and award predictions. This will keep movie lovers constantly informed about upcoming films or what their favorite actors, directors or screenwriters are doing next. 

News page of the “Oscar Buzz” app

The “Oscar Buzz” tab is where all of the current year’s biggest films are presented. Each of the films will be clickable, so the users can see extra information on it. This extra information will include plot, trailer, reviews, cast and crew and film nominations. This list will also consist of movies that had been in talks of being nominated for an Academy Award, not just the ones that made the cut. The Academy always recognizes some amazing films, but there have also been some that were snubbed and deserved just as much attention and appreciation.

Oscar Buzz page of the “Oscar Buzz” app

The next tab is the “More Movies” tab. Growing up, I would watch the Oscars, not knowing half of the movies being talked about. Now that I’m older and my appreciation for movies has only grown, I want to see all the great movies I missed out on when I was too young to fully comprehend or know about. The “More Movies” tab will list all the past years biggest films. The list will start with the Best Film nominees and continue through the rest of the Academy Award categories for the selected year.

The final tab is the “My List” tab. This is where the user can find the full list of movies that most intrigued them and the favorited while looking through the app. This will help them keep track of what to watch next. 

I think this app would helpful for those who love film and don’t want to miss out on the best ones or for those who don’t know much about film and need a simple introduction to it. This could also be an interesting app for those who like looking at more of the behind the scenes aspects of certain films. The information pages will also be providing information on the inspiration for the movie or certain scenes and what it took to create them. I believe this can be an informative and useful app for film connoisseurs. 

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