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Hello everyone, my name is Andria Puig. I’m an Advertising and Psychology major at Texas State. Throughout this blog, I will be watching and analyzing the different films of 2020 that are surrounded with “Oscar buzz”. I will be the discussing the importance of the stories being told, the performances given and the diverse directions each film took in order tell them. All the films and many of the actors included in this blog have been in the talks of being nominated for an Academy Award. I will be presenting to my readers just why these stories and story tellers have been acknowledged enough for this prestigious award. Stay tuned to hear all about 2020’s must see films.

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  1. Hello Andria. I’m Isabel Orozco. I really liked your post about the movie “The Prom”. The character development and progressive subject matter around LBGTQ+ struggles seem really interesting. I loved how you explained who nominated the movie for awards and what specific awards the movie was nominated for. I enjoy movies with beautiful sets and good endings, so when you explained the heartwarming ending of the movie and included that it was nominated for Best Art Direction, Production Design, and Best Sound, your post really sparked my interest to watch the movie. Your blog seems really interesting and I think you explain your posts with detail and well-written descriptions.

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